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Virgin of Steel

never surrender, never despair. Only humans can defeat monsters

Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
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Integra Hellsing

Name Lorena
Contact info: thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail.com
Livejournal: sir_hellsing
Disclaimer: Integra and Hellsing belong to Kouta Hirano. Employed fanart (with granted permission) by Solid&Etc & Bizarre City.

Name: Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (van Helsing).
Series: Hellsing (Mangaverse).
PB: Diane Kruger (only employed as reference for those PB/real action fandoms).
Four Walling: It's OK as long you don't spoil her the ending, confusions with the Gonzo version is also fine, plus your characters are free to recognize her surname (Hellsing = van Helsing) if they have minor pop culture Dracula lore or read the novel.
Alias: Sir Hellsing, Integra, Master, Master of the Monster, Protestant Swine, Beautiful Fräulein, Iron Maiden, Countess.
Age: 23 years old (at the moment).
Date of birth: January 29 (not canon).
Nationality: British (with Dutch and possibly Indian ancestry).
Job/Rank: Vampire hunter, Head of the Hellsing Organisation. Royal Protestant Knight, youngest and only female member of the Twelve Conventions aka Round Table that controls the British Empire in the shadows and swears to protect the Anglican Church.
Weapons: Sword, assorted guns&rifles, Alucard.
Powers: Reflexes and speed that surpass common vampires (matching Anderson's and surpassing Millennium fodder's), endurance + strength above average, hints her family vast knowledge in the occult and Alchemy was able to perfect Alucard into the godmodder vamp we all know and love. Unknown to her, Alucard slipped his blood in her meal during 2007, so she gets a better immune system without active vampiric traits YET.
Personality: Integral is an iron-willed, determinate, ruthless young woman who has learnt since she was young to kill in order to protect her position and country. The lady to whom Dracula himself kneels and recognises as his Master. Initially doubtful of her decisions and quick to anger, she has become a fearless and calm leader while facing the war that started in her city. Her dreadful diplomatic skills are balanced by her self-confidence and natural charisma as chief of a vampire hunting organisation.

Whilst she can be very arrogant, impatient and stubborn, Integral is very selfless when comes to her people and country, sacrificing even her own pride and conscience for their own good. Despite her pragmatic view and androgynous mannerisms, she has a nurturing romantic view of knights since a little girl.

Integral is a General in the front lines when her vampires needed it. Even if she hunts the undead, she appears to abhor no hatred, instead she pities them and sees their destruction as a release from their miserable existence (as her father had requested to her on his deathbed). Humans, in her opinion and the series message, are superior to monsters.

Miss Hellsing has a penchant for bloodlust when infuriated and hasn’t shed a tear openly since she was 12 years old.


Basic: (Post Chapter # 72: Heart of Dreams, therefore AU-world, after that chapter). Integral decided to join Alucard and Seras upon watching the sad aftermath of her servant’s clash with Paladin Anderson from the rooftop of a building Police Girl had dropped her. While she was going downstairs, the City abducted her. As soon she reached the ground, the knight realized that she may not be in London anymore.

Integral wanted nothing but return to her country and finish off the Millennium Group to put an end to World War III. She was willing to destroy all the obstacles ahead, even if innocent lives were involved.

Eventually, Integral got her wish and returned to London by falling into one of those ever-so resourceful portals that always whisk away the unexpected bystanders. The war was over, thanks to Seras’ efforts, and she carried on her duty the best she could do as guardian of a chaotic, social peace.

However, the bleak information she received regarding the imminent destruction of the worlds, made her decide that it was wise to return to the City and help as much she was able to. If only to protect England. The Queen granted permission, inclined to believe Integral’s seemly lunatic plea.

Therefore, along with Seras Victoria, Sir Hellsing was walking (or rather driving her Rolls Royce) among the fellow citizens of the carnivalesque town. Her life gave another turn with new arrivals, including Enrico Maxwell, the hateful Major, her dead father and a son she will have with Alucard in not so distant future.

Due to Alucard's polyamorous nature, Integral decided to end their serious relationship for a time, unwilling to continue until she was aware for certain that she would not become the conquest of the month. The relationship was renewed after she was able to find out he was honest during the curse of Pinocchio Day.

Housing: Building 3, flats # 11, 12 & 13.

Alignment: Hero/Neutral.

Status: Alive.

Relationship Status: Never taken, but she claims Alucard. And during curses, Seras. In the past, she has "dated" Tyki Mikk (D-Gray.Man) before he left the City. "Dating" as having friendly outgoings without strings attached which was a novelty to her. Nothing quite romantic. This is Integral Hellsing. *snorts*


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